What is Nara?

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The End of Search

At Nara, we like to think of today's Internet as a big, overcrowded warehouse in which all types of information—treasures, tchotchkes and traps—are all jumbled together in boxes piled on top of each other. Whenever we each go hunting for information on the places we want to visit and the things we want to do, the warehouse of the web snags our time, energy, and attention. It's impossible to search through everything there to find what really matters.

With the world's information within our reach, we plug in, log on...and tune out.

Mission: Find

Shorten your search time.

We decided to reorganize the Internet and rethink search. We decided to build something that would make it easy for you to find complete, correct, and relevant information.

Nara uses next-generation artificial intelligence to learn about the nature of and connections between entities in the real world, so you don't have to. In other words, Nara unpacks web pages, sorts the warehouse treasures from the junk, and shelves new data entities on a dynamic, brain-like structure called a neural network.

Today, over one million North American restaurants live on Nara's neural network. But, like the mind, Nara can learn about and contextualize any and all entities, including hotels, shops, and events.

Your Personalized Web

As you explore Nara's neural network, you can clue Nara in to what you like (or don't like). Nara will combine your preferences with its knowledge to deliver personal recommendations for places to go in any city. Nara can even combine your tastes with those of your friends to find places you can enjoy together.

Easy access to relevant information about the world around us, we believe, will lead to digital liberation. Our mission is to design and engineer a more personal and actionable web so that you can achieve a life well-found.

Nara aggregates web data, indexes the information, and creates a brain-like network of real-world venues. Based on your preferences, Nara builds your personalized nodal network and you find new places to go.